Code of Ethics

Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials


Every member of the Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials in the spirit of cooperation and integrity shall:

• Perform all duties to the fullest extent of their capabilities.

• Consider stewardship of a school business official one of public trust and therefore all duties shall be performed with the highest ethical standards that will enhance the honour and dignity of the Association, the Association membership and the employing school boards.

• Ensure that all confidential information that is made available to the member by virtue of their position is not divulged without written permission.

• Avail themselves of information and material that will improve their effectiveness for all matters relating to the business or profession of a school board employee.

• Actively participate in all activities of the Association including liaison with other members in the exchange of information and professional development.


We believe in:

• adhering to our Association Code of Ethics;

• identifying and being responsive to the ever-changing needs of the profession and its members;

• participating in providing quality education, which is dependant upon cooperative actions of educators, school business officials and other educational stakeholders;

• providing for the professional development for our members by initiating and sustaining an educational program of workshops, seminars, conferences and meetings that will be meaningful to all involved in school business management;

• continually updating and changing policies within the membership manual and handbook as needed in our ever-changing profession; and

• excellence in education through excellence in administration.